Getty Images Adobe Creative Cloud Plugin

The Getty Images Adobe Plugin is designed to allow users access all Getty Images content without leaving their Adobe program. They can search, download, license and use boards all within the plugin. Thus streamlining their workflow.

Product development

The initial development of the product started with our core team. Using our UX research team, we were able to narrow the focus our target user base to users that are registered and have not licensed any images as well as users that are registered and also have a subscription such as Ultra Packs, Premium Access or Easy Access.

We brainstormed and prioritized the features necessary to include for the MVP version of the plugin. From there, rough sketching began around the features and how they would work within the plugin.

Mapping out workflows around scenarios of the potential users.

Working with dev and API teams, we were able to map out the various download methods that would be available. This meant being able to tell if users were subscribers or possibly had multiple subscriptions like some businesses have. This information is important for the user because they need to know which subscription that they are downloading against.

With that information, design started. Working with PMs and devs, we started to create individual tasks to put on our board with UX designing the features, interactions and flows. Dev work would follow once mockups were created.


The plugin launched in September of 2016. Through the month of October, we saw the following results:

Plugin Landing Page Views (on site): 25,048
Total Downloads: 4,920
Page Views in Plugin: 43,676
Comps Downloaded: 3,048
Images Licensed: 2,172
Welcome Emails (users logged into Plugin): 462

More recent numbers

In August 2017, the numbers showed that the plugin's engagement metrics were all up month over month with 47,203 page views (+20% MoM), 3,850 unique vistors (+16% MoM) and 23,3300 searches executed (+29% MoM).

The usages numbers were as follows for August 2017: Comps and images downloads were both up month over month with 8,298 comps downloaded (+20% MoM) and 3,372 images downloaded (+29% MoM).