iStock Adobe Creative Cloud Plugin

The iStock Adobe Plugin is designed to allow users access all iStock content without leaving their Adobe program. They can search, download, license and use boards all within the plugin. Thus streamlining their workflow.

Product development

Our plugin's team piggybacked on our Getty Images plugin to help create the iStock plugin. We utilized the same workflow and API as the current Getty Images plugin.

There are a few differences between the two. iStock uses a credit purchase system and allows to buy single images. Knowing this, we didn't force users into logging into their account or immediately registering. They could simply open up the plugin and start browsing. Once they wanted to purchase or add to a board, they would need to sign into their account or register.

Since iStock uses a credit purchase system, we needed to develop the workflow for the purchase path.

Most of the wireframes were already created with the existing Getty Images plugin so we were able to keep the search, filter, boards, my content and settings pages the same. Most of the design work would be re-skinning with the iStock brand.


The plugin launched in January of 2017, and we saw growth across the awareness, engagement and usage metrics.

There were 5,139 landing page visits in February with 2,389 plugin downloads.
The Adobe Add-On store performed better in February with 3,656 downloads.

There were 28,052 page views and 9,188 searches executed in February.

There were 2,489 images downloaded using the plugin in February, averaging 89 per day.

More recent numbers

In August of 2017, the engagement metrics for unique visitors were up +113% month over month (3.850) and searches were up 278% month over month. For the usages, the iStock plugin was down month over month with 1,294 comps downloaded and images downloaded -51% (563).